My bucket lists are ever-growing and ever-changing. I am on a mission to cross things off and add new things as I stumble across them.

Travel is such a personal thing, and there are so many amazing places to visit in the world it is important to make your own bucket list and see the places that appeal to YOU. My bucket lists are not only made up of the wonderful places I hear about around the world, and countries I have not yet travelled to, but of things I want to learn about and achieve.

Planning on heading on an adventure? Have a read through my bucket list for where you are headed to. If you haven’t yet picked a destination have a leaf through my lists and I hope you find some inspiration.

Always Remember: Some of the best experiences I have had were impromptu trips where I knew little to nothing about the place I was headed to. So always, ALWAYS leave room for spontaneity and allow your journey to flow in whichever direction it chooses. 

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European Bucket List

USA Bucket List

20-something Bucket List

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