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Hi I’m Emily,

I grew up in the british countryside and now live an easy-breezy Island-kinda life in the Florida Keys. From my first foray into travel for a gap year to Costa Rica I considered myself a global citizen, and felt it was the world, rather than just one place, that I belonged.

I have lived across the globe, and worked within the travel, food, entertainment, and luxury sectors; from working as a stewardess on board private yachts, an event manager in London, to singing for and managing a party and wedding band. As a writer I have written weekly features for publications including Grazia, Hippie In Heels, and The London Event Organiser Blog (see all my features here). I am currently working on my first novel.

My Story

I LOVE to travel and have new adventures. In my early days as a backpacker I’ve had the (accidental) travel dreadlocks, lived off cup-noodles, and worn those traveller rasta pants (you know the ones). As much as I loved those experiences (albeit not so much the bed bugs), 10 years later and with many adventures under my belt, I could never travel like that again. I now travel more like a grown up.

I started luxury backpacking without even realising.

Life is about experiences, and if you want to experience a little luxury along the way then you should – and you don’t have to spend thousands doing so.

I love backpacking, but am also partial to a slice of luxury these days. Having worked on private super yachts I got rather used to seeing the more exclusive places, and travelling around in comfort and style. When you’ve spent your days off in such locations as Mustique (Will and Kate were there at the time) and St. Tropez, it was hard to go back to living a normal kinda life!

emily bloor

But I didn’t have the money to travel like a billionaire…

And I also kind of loved hostels –  the people, the conversations, the sense of community among solo travellers.

I realised that I just needed to be smart about the way I travelled.

I realized that I could travel in so much more comfort and style without spending more. I just needed to start being savvy, learn a thing or two, and travel smarter. I created this blog to share my tips, my secrets, and my favourite things with other like minded travellers who are done with the days of slumming it but are certainly not done with adventure!

Whether you are looking to travel, need the confidence boost to go for it and book your ticket, or just like a little wanderlust on an afternoon, you are in the right place!

emily bloor

What’s Next For Luxury Backpack?

Based in the Florida Keys, I travel when I can but blog frequently about the Keys (both on the surface and underwater!) and island living. You will find more inspiration for creating an island home, DIY projects for adventurers like me, and day to day musings in my weekly feature, Notes from the Backpack. These posts give an insight into what it is really like being a British writer living in the Florida Keys (read the first one here.)

I cannot help but feel inspired here, whether that be from the constant dose of sunshine, the palm trees in my backyard, or my morning strolls on the beach. Either way, it is the perfect place for a wanderer like me to rest my feet for a while, whilst bringing you a slice of paradise right to you.

Thank you so much for reading.

Love Emily xo

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