Sitting in my bedroom with my scruffy Jack Russell Tilly beside me, a teenage me never fantasized about marrying my Prince Charming or dating a Backstreet Boy. instead I stared at maps and pictures of far flung places and just hoped that one day I’d get to see them. 

Skip forward a few (okay…and a few more) years and I’m living in Mexico, with thirty countries under my belt – many of which I’ve lived in – and I can’t quite believe how easy it was. You see I never had a secret, or a bank account bursting at the seams. It was simple. I just booked a ticket and went. I mean, it was also terrifying, but the physical part was easy… once I took the leap and broke out of my comfort zone.

It started with a gap year (doesn’t a travel bug always?) to Costa Rica. Since then I’ve travelled and lived in Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the USA. I even made a career out of my love for luxurious travel by working as a yacht stewardess. Down the line, without meaning to, I found myself hitched and with a baby, Archer, in tow and am slowly making my dream of becoming a published author a reality – all whilst living a life outside the normal 9-5.

I honestly never imagined I would have a career that would allow me to travel the world IN COMPLETE AND UTTER LUXURY, nor that I would have a baby and actually manage to fulfill my dream of travelling with my kids. But here I am, living out of a suitcase in Mexico, trying to figure out which place to go to next at the same time as figuring out how to master weaning! 

So, what is my blog actually about?

I started the blog as a way of sharing hacks for having luxurious travels on a modest budget (note the name: luxury backpack). I love any kind of glamorous destination, hotel, or restaurant, and wanted to share how to enjoy these places without living outside your means. If you’re looking for a life change, I also have you in mind. Now a full-time mama and writer, I left my career in yachting behind me, but now dedicate my time to helping others start their yachting journey. 

5 random facts about me:

  • I used to be a singer, and performed in a party band at weddings and events.
  • My husband and I eloped to Miami Beach and got married without telling a soul (I still feel guilty!)
  • I studied English Literature at University.
  • My idea of heaven in a glass is a deep yellow, oaky (very unfashionable) Chardonnay.
  • I grew up on a farm.

My favourite things include…. Long words, long books, long baths, red lipstick, great wine, punctuation, Truman Capote, fancy hotel toiletries, old-fashioned pyjamas, dark chocolate, Jack Russells, rummaging around antique stores, cold-brew coffee, bats, second hand bookshops, ham & cheese croissants, Converse, pearls, alpaca fur sweaters, wikipedia, roses, Liberty London, palm trees, Wes Anderson films, the snooze button, dipping my toes in the ocean.

About the luxury backpack ethos

How do these travellers do it, you wonder? The Instagram generation is spectacular, but one has to wonder how these 20-something girls manage to travel the world to off the beaten track destinations whilst carrying a Prada handbag and wearing this season’s Dolce and Gabbana.

Do they all just shag millionaires? – be honest, you’ve wondered this.

Luxury backpacking is a lifestyle as much as a way of travelling. Knowing where to save, where to splurge, and how to have a glamorous and comfortable life without spending more. Happy hours, deals, trips and tricks: they all help in having a 5* experience on a backpacking budget. It is about knowing where to cut back, and where to shell out and spend more.

I realised early on that I could travel in so much more comfort and style without spending more if I was savvy, learnt a thing or two, and travelled smarter. I created this blog to share my tips, my secrets, and my favourite things with other like minded travellers who are done with the days of slumming it but are certainly not done with adventure.

Whether you are looking to travel, need the confidence boost to go for it and book your ticket, or just like a little wanderlust on an afternoon, you are in the right place.

So let’s uncover the world, one country at a time, and do it fabulously, glamorously, luxuriously … and on a realistic budget, shall we…?

I promise to leave the Bullshit out…

Love, Emily x

Thank you for stopping by!

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