Notes From The Backpack – Sept & Oct 2017

october update

Welcome to Notes from the Backpack, the monthly roundup post from Luxury Backpack. Want to know about my current adventures, what I’ve been reading, and my plans for the upcoming month? You are in the right place! Read last month’s post here. 

Hey guys!

Frequent readers of my blog will notice that I haven’t been posting very often lately. That’s due to the fact that I am now less than 3 weeks away from my due date, and therefore sitting down for long enough to write has become really hard! I still have as much passion for my blog as I ever have, but I have felt a lot more tired these days.

The past few months have been mainly quiet for me, just being at home with my family, getting a new car, visiting my sister in Suffolk, and prepping for the baby. I have been trying my hardest to slow down, and am so excited for November as it means my due date is officially here and I’m going to become a mummy! I have been getting a little bit bored during the long wait for baby’s arrival, but it has been much easier to take it easy thanks to the beautiful Cheshire countryside, cosy evenings in the pub, and walking with the dogs (look at their little faces!).

october update

This Month’s Highlights

Spending Time With My Niece

It has been really great spending lots of time with my little niece Dorothea. I feel like I have such a special bond with her, and love her to bits. She is such a sweet baby, despite being extremely high maintenance! I am blown away by how alert and smart she is for such a small person. She is just four months old, and yet much prefers to be part of the conversation and seeing what is going on. You can’t fool her with baby distractions and toys. She would much rather be surrounded by new people than sat in her bouncer!

october update

Preparing For Our Little Arrival

I have officially gone into full nesting mode. I compiled a baby registry when I was in Florida as I had a baby shower planned for me by my close friends, and this was really useful to do. I think I am going to share this on the blog soon as I personally found other bloggers tips really helpful when putting it together. We have managed to find some real bargains when it has come to buying things for the baby. I got my pram second hand, and lots of other bits too such as my baby sling and TENS machine. It seemed silly buying everything brand new when I don’t even know how often I am going to be using them. My sister has given me lots of hand me downs too, which is a great help. Saying this, it is nice to buy a few new things for the baby too, and I’ve loved getting everything ready for him.

A Weekend Away In Blackpool

I had a few weekends away planned for the past month but with appointments, antenatal classes, and family visits, we didn’t end up going anywhere. That’s why when I was invited to stay in Blackpool for a few nights I jumped at the chance. Blackpool is not somewhere I would ever think to visit as an adult. I remember a few school trips as a child to see the illuminations, but as a holiday destination it has a certain reputation as being full of hen and stag parties and not really the kind of place you would go for a weekend. You will guess from the fact that I have listed this under this month’s highlights that I enjoyed it, but read all about what we got up to and what I really thought in the post here.

october update

This Month’s Struggles

The Aches and Pains of Late Pregnancy

Getting to 37 weeks was a real milestone, and I have noticed a massive change in my body and my baby’s position. I feel really weary and keep getting backache, and don’t even mention the heartburn! However I am so lucky that until now I really have sailed through my pregnancy, and haven’t experienced any awful side effects that I had heard about.

Working With A Bump

Please can any working mamas-to-be in their late second or third trimesters tell me how on earth you sit at a desk all day without getting excruciating back pain?! I have tried everything, including proper desk chairs, stuffing cushions everywhere, working from bed, and a birthing ball. I suppose I should really make the most of it and just stop for a while!

october update

The Rest…

October’s Favourite Buys

  • For travelling with a baby: I am so thrilled with our car seat which we took ages to pick out. We chose the Cybex Cloud Q as it is simply perfect for road trips or long journeys for a little one as it reclines. This was the obvious choice for us as we plan on travelling with our baby and so this was a great way to prepare for that. If you think you might do the same, I really cannot recommend the Cybex Cloud Q enough.
  • For a winter wardrobe update: I am head over heels in love with my new boots. They are simple chelsea boots that go with everything, are perfect for Autumn days, and are really well made. And the best part is they were less than £70
october update

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What I’ve Been Reading This Month

Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff

I just couldn’t make my mind up about this book. Part of me was blown away by the writing – it is truly beautifully written – and yet at times it was overly wordy and quite a slog. I both enjoyed the characters and was bored by them. I enjoyed picking it back up but couldn’t get through more than a few pages at a time. Would I recommend it? Yes, just so I can ask you if you felt the same!

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I have always been embarrassed by the fact I had never read this book, yet it remained firmly put on my ‘to read’ list for decades. So it was only right that I gave myself a deadline to finish it before the baby arrived. I am halfway through, and it is easy to see why so many millions of people love it. Will I finish it before baby arrives? I hope so! Would I recommend it? Definitely.

Baby Books

I have been reading some really helpful guides recently to try and feel like I know what I am doing! My favourites are The Bump Class, How To Grow A Baby, First Time Parent, and The Rough Guide To Pregnancy And Birth. All essential reading. The first two look beautiful on my book shelf, and the last two are really good to have in for when baby does arrive as they have heaps of useful information. Get your bookshelf baby-ready by ordering yourself a copy of each!

Has anyone else read any of these books or have any others to recommend? Comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading See you next month x

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