I Won The Blogger Recognition Award! (And Here’s How You Can Too!)

The nicest thing about being a blogger is when you get recognition and support from other bloggers. Sometimes it is just one big happy blogging family. This happened to me again recently when the blogger Rated By Hanna kindly nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I have recently been the recipient of a few similar blogging industry awards, and feel really thrilled that my little part of the internet is being noticed. Sometimes blogging can feel like a one way conversation and so getting a little bit of feedback is greatly appreciated!

So, firstly thank you to Rated By Hanna for her kind nomination. Do check out her little space of the internet too, and read some of her ‘unapologetically honest’ reviews on all things from travel to entertainment to beauty!

What Is The Blogger Recognition Award?

It’s a way of appreciation between bloggers, as we all know how much time, effort and enthusiasm we put into each article. These are the rules:

  1. The nominee writes a post, thanking the nominator.
  2. Nominee shares a brief story about how the blog started.
  3. Nominee shares 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award!

The Luxury Backpack Story

I started Luxury Backpack in 2016 as a way of sharing tips and tricks for having luxurious getaways and adventures on a backpackers budget. I was living in the Florida Keys at the time, and was really blown away by how expensive a trip to paradise could be, and yet could see how easy it would be to do it on a small budget if you just had the know how. This inspired me with the whole concept of luxury backpacking! 

Now 37 weeks pregnant, my latest adventures are slightly different than travelling the world, and it has been fun adapting the blog and letting it grow with me (literally!)

I am excited to attempt to travel with my baby in the future, but also bring my readers more personal posts, more lifestyle posts, and collaborate with other mamas to work on some exciting new content!

  • If you are new to the blog, START HERE!
  • You can read all about the blog ethos and how to start luxury backpacking here!
  • Learn more about the future of luxury backpack and baby here.
  • Read all about my life in the Florida Keys and how to travel there for less here
  • Or just delve in to some travel posts here!

My Advice To New Bloggers

Blogging can be really fun and is relatively easy to get started in. However there are a few principles that I think all bloggers should learn in order to enjoy it and do well.

1 – Don’t Get Bogged Down By Numbers.

Like Hanna, I totally agree that new bloggers should not get hung up on social media. It is such an easy rabbit hole to fall down, and one that won’t make you happy. Genuine social media followings are more important than fake ones that can be purchased, and yet often the numbers don’t make people feel like they have much worth. Focus on putting out good content and your followers will grow slowly but surely. You will learn hundreds of tactics along the way, so don’t put all your focus into social media at the beginning.

2- Be Consistent

I totally fail at this one, but being consistent is so important in blogging. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to blog 4 x every week. Make a realistic goal for yourself and stick to it. Try posting just once or twice a week. Set a day, and schedule or post on this day every week. You will soon notice that people will come back to your blog more if they know you will have new content.

3 – Bonus Piece of Advice – Be Nice To Other Bloggers!

There is plenty of space for new bloggers despite it being over-saturated. Build an online friendship with other bloggers by engaging with them on social media, sharing their posts, and collaborating. Just because you want to run a successful blog doesn’t mean you can’t help others do the same! In fact, it is easier to grow when you have the support of others.

My Blogger Recognition Award Nominations

(& How You Can Win The Award, Too!)

blogger recognition award

When I’m not working on my own blog I literally spend hours scrolling through other blogs and reading posts. It has been such fun being nominated for this award as it gave me a valid excuse to find some new kick-ass blogs. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discover some NEW blogs out there, so this is your chance to be nominated.

How YOU can be part of it too:

If you would like to nominated for this award, simply like Luxury Backpack on Facebook here, and comment on the blogger recognition post with your blog URL and say hello! I will check your blog out and nominate my favourites!

Nominated blogs:

You get the chance to share your story, top tips for blogging, and your favourite blogs just as I have. I look forward to reading your posts!

1. Seeking Neverland

Allison is the Chief Explorer & Wanderlust Expert behind Seeking Neverland. A born an raised Vegas girl on the endless pursuit of new adventures, her blog is full of wild adventures, colourful posts and travel tips… and I am in love with it!

2. Go With Talia

Talia is an American expat in Hamburg, Germany. She is a fashion designer by day and an adventurer by weekend! She never leaves her house without a camera, planner, and lipstick, and also loves to conduct random cooking experiments in her kitchen. My kind of gal!

3. Everyday Wanderer

Sage is a single mom of 4 who was bitten by the travel bug at a young age and now talks real life travel on her blog – she understands the tremendous benefits of travel, but as a single mom with four kids, three cats, and a mortgage, also knows that not everyone is in a position to travel the world for a living. Her blog is full of interesting and intriguing posts, such as a Visit To The Walmart Museum, and Exploring Rainbow Mountain in Peru!

4. A Speck In Time

A family travel blog, A Speck in Time follows the adventures of a ‘regular’ family of four and seeks to inspire other families to get out and travel farther and more. I am inspired!

5. Mermaid Tales Adventure

I’ve been following Alexis’ beautiful blog for a while now, and am always impressed by her fabulous photography skills. Originally from Australia, she travels the world now as a digital nomad and writes amazing travel guides and posts. She even wrote one for Luxury Backpack about travelling to the Maldives on a budget which you can read here. If you need photography (including amazing surf photography), copywriting, or help with social media for your own blog, Alexis is your girl!

6. A Lioness’ Tale

I just recently discovered Clare’s blog and was captivated by her most recent post about her experience transforming into a geisha (be sure to check it out!). She is originally from Australia, lives in Canada, and has an impressive 54 countries under her belt. For a refreshing new blog to read which focussed on good writing and genuine experiences, be sure to check out A Lioness’ Tale.

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