There’s so much that goes into air travel when you travel solo. So you can imagine the time and planning that goes into air travel with a baby. If you’ve dreaded taking a trip with your new baby because of the unexpected hassles that usually happen at the airport, we’ve got the remedy for you.

Blogger and travelling mama K.J. shares her top tips for first-timers flying with a baby.

6. Arrive Early

It’s so important that you arrive to the airport at least three hours before your departure time. I say this first and foremost because, Hey! Anything can happen. This gives you time to check-in, go through security with time to spare for you to feed/nurse and change your baby. It also gives you time to relax and collect your own thoughts before boarding your flight.

5. Use a Baby Carrier

Although a stroller can be useful at the airport, especially when it’s time for the baby to sleep, strollers can be difficult to maneuver through security. Some airlines even charge you for bringing the stroller on the plane. A baby carrier would not only make things much easier on you, but allows the baby to be close to you, providing a soothing motion as you walk through the airport.

4. Keep Your Documents Close

Whether I’m traveling with my kids or solo, I always keep my documents close, meaning they are in my hands or in my pockets. You want to be able to provide them when asked. But you also want them close in case you have to put your bag down to care for the baby. The last thing you want is someone coming up and taking your documents.

flying with a baby

3. Review TSA Guidelines for Liquids

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is here to keep us safe. There are guidelines in place to support parent’s traveling with babies and young children. Formula and breast milk is allowed in your carry-on and checked bag, but be aware that they will be screened.  Do not panic, just remember your 3 hour window. Check out this link for more on what you can bring.

2. Wear a Backpack

I’m sure you’re looking at this one and thinking, but what about my back. I can see how you might be apprehensive to carry a backpack and a baby in a front carrier, but as someone who did a solo trip years ago with a baby, using these techniques, it is possible. And certainly without putting a lot of strain on your back. You want to be able to move through the airport without having too many things in your hand. And backpack can be useful in providing this.

1. Pack Light

As new moms it’s easier said than done to pack light for a trip, but it is possible. Pack only what you need. You’ll need two to three set’s of airport clothes for the baby in case of spit-up or diaper blowout. You will also need clothing for the trip that can be rolled and placed strategically into zip lock bags. You’ll need diapers and wipes for the flight, remember you can always buy diapers and wipes at your destination. If you’re not nursing or haven’t stored breast milk, you can bring formula in a designated bag. Please see TSA guidelines for pumped and stored milk to be carried on the flight.

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I hope you find my guide to flying with a baby useful. Traveling can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. Taking a long haul flight with a baby requires lots of planning and research, but with the right resources and knowledge your first flight with your baby can be and enjoyable one (fingers crossed)!

K.J. is a foodie who loves to travel and has a passion for landscape photography. She has spent the past few years traveling with her children and started a travel blog a year ago to document her amazing adventures! Check out her blog K.J. Around The World and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

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flying with a baby

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