Miami’s Wynwood district is so damn hip. From the infamous street art that originally gave it it’s urban appeal, to it’s iconic coffee shops and oh-so cool boutiques; there isn’t a street left un-touched by trendy.

It is seriously hard not to like Wynwood. Because up and coming urban areas like this have so much heart amongst the grit. The Instagrammable famous coffee shops and bars are built with love, and every detail well thought out. Sure, they draw a certain crowd, but they do so because they are too good not to like.

You can just about guarantee that everyone is so busy looking at their phones deciding which filter to use that no one gives a damn about anyone else either. This means you can happily walk around with sweat marks on your dress (it’s so sticky hot) or baby sick down your back and no one will bat an eyelid. Just be sure to use the appropriate hashtag later (#babysick).

This is the Luxury Backpack pick of the Instagrammable hotspots not to miss in Wynwood!

10. The Salty Donut

Serving the most incredible donuts to Wynwood locals, this place is a must for those with a sweet tooth like me, and their respective partners too with flavours like maple syrup and bacon.

instagrammable wynwood

9. Wood Tavern

The coolest bar in town, this place is a real centre of the community with outdoor commnual tables and Mexican street food, plus cheap(ish) booze. Its urban decor is an Instagrammers dream.

8. Plant The Future, Inc.

This is quite possibly the chicest cactus shop around. Combining art with succulents, it is hard to walk past this store front without stopping and snapping their window display.

7. Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee house is as iconic as the art in Wynwood itself, and draws a huge crowd. Not only is it the trendiest place to hang out whilst sipping coffee, but the coffee itself is so good, it is easy to see how it is so popular.

instagrammable wynwood

6. MIAM Cafe

This cute European style cafe serves up delicious bites and is perfectly Instagrammable on the inside. But what you won’t miss is that the zebra-striped building is quite eye-grabbing itself, and more than deserves a place on your feed.

5. Dr Smood

‘Smart food for a good mood’ is this organic cafe’s tagline, and it has certainly got a following in both it’s NYC and Miami locations. If like most hardcore Instagrammers you like to snap your smoothies, this is a not to miss place to hang out for lunch.

4. The Butchers Shop

This is where you’ll need to get a bit artsy. An original butchers, this bar and restaurant now serves up homemade sausages and other delicious treats to hipsters, whilst still operating as a butchers. From the low lighting to the steamy surroundings, it is not an easy capture, but there is so much to snap it is worth getting creative for.

instagrammable wynwood

3. Coyo Tacos

Coyo makes the most incredible food. I tried their burrito bowl and it was delicious. Make sure when you go that you don’t get too involved with your meal to snap a few pics though (unlike me!). The interior is the perfect blend of urban Mexican cool, with cute floor tiles and wooden benches. Don’t forget to Instagram your margarita made with house-blend tequila either!

2. Wynwood Yard

This pop-up cultural area really represents what Wynwood is all about. It was until fairly recently an unused urban space, and is now a hub for food trucks, drinks, and music. Don’t forget to take your camera as you will want to capture it from every angle.

1. That Checkered Wall (and every other piece of graffiti you spot around town).

Of course the main draw of Wynwood is the Wynwood Walls – a series of painted walls which are open for the public to stroll around and of course pose in front of. Don’t miss the art gallery which is amongst them, and the pop-up exhibitions. The artwork doesn’t end here either. You will see colour on every street around the area, so be sure to stroll around and make the time to take it all in. Wynwood’s charm comes from the journey, not the destination.

instagrammable wynwood

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