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The Luxury Backpack woman is not afraid to throw a few essentials into a backpack and travel the world.

She looks chic without trying too hard. She travels to luxurious destinations without spending too much. She is thrifty, stylish, and a truly modern mama.

But the most important thing about her is that SHE GETS IT DONE.

She embraces motherhood by showing her little ones the world, opening their minds, and showing them how to have an adventure wherever the destination.

Sound like you or someone you aspire to be? Then this is the blog for you!

modern mama

Emily is a novelist, new mum, and the founder of luxurybackpack.com. She aims to inspire new mothers to travel, work from home, and achieve their dreams with a new baby in tow.

Emily posts about her travels, tips for travelling in luxury on a budget, her experiences as a new mummy, as well as offering tips, guides, and guidance for those who need it, helping new mums start out in the blogging world and beyond. On her travels, Emily brings her readers the lowdown of the best restaurants, hotels, experiences and destinations for couples with babies and young families. She is an expert at finding luxury-on-a-shoestring budget, such as this hotel in North Wales, or this amazing hack for experiencing London’s glamorous Ritz and having the night of your dreams on a budget!

Read more about Emily here and scroll through her monthly update blogs, ‘Notes from the Backpack’, to get to know her better!

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Emily lived in the Florida Keys for nearly 2 years, and has all the information you need!

modern mama

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