A Luxury Backpacking Baby


Welcome Mama!

Did you know Luxury Backpack started out as your bog-standard female travel blog? But then something big happened…

I got pregnant.

And my whole life changed!

But what didn’t change was my sense of adventure. My lust for travel never went away. My notebook pages were full of baby shopping lists side-by-side with planning my next big trip. Instead of my world shrinking to encompass only babies from now onwards, it GREW, and instead I was now planning for these two amazing loves of my life: travel AND having a baby.


I also got a major kick up the behind when it came to blogging and working from home. I knew that if I wanted to carry on blogging and working on my own schedule, I needed to find the motivation inside me. I knew that no one else was going to do the work for me, despite feeling tired and wanting to curl up on the sofa for the rest of my pregnancy. I knew that I could totally achieve the life I craved, where I could be with my baby 24/7 and run a successful blog that paid for the nappies.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman’s life. I wanted to embrace it full on, but I also knew that the 9 months were a kind of countdown to my whole life changing. In my blog I decided to share every element of my pregnancy, from finding out abroad and tips for what to do if that happens to you, to creating and running a successful blog whilst being a stay at home mum.

Because it isn’t just me anymore.

And somedays that is harder. But I have a feeling that most days it is just going to be twice the adventure.

Emily x


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