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Hey there!

I love writing these posts as it gives me a chance to really show you what goes on behind the scenes, and allows me to post stuff that wouldn’t normally have a place on the blog. It is great to have a more conversational post on the blog, where I feel like I can just chat to you.

And I have some BIG NEWS to share with you this month.

luxury backpack baby

luxury backpack baby

We are expecting our first Luxury Backpack baby in November!

I found out straight away, at only 4 weeks pregnant, and now our little bundle is 15 weeks and the size of an avocado – so things are moving fast! I am so excited to be able to share my journey on here with you, as it is certainly one of the bigger adventures I’ve been on.

All going well, we hope to travel with our baby as much as possible, and share this on the blog. Travel doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby and I know our little one is going to have a sense of adventure… certainly if he/she takes after Uriel and I!

luxury backpack baby

luxury backpack baby

luxury backpack baby

I am so happy to share our happy news with you, and can’t wait for the next chapter of Luxury Backpack.

Emily x

The Rest…

What I’ve Loved Online This Month

  • One of my favourite bloggers, Travel Mad Mum, proves that world travel doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby. As you can imagine, she is a huge source of inspiration for me right now.
  • I am pregnancy app crazy at the moment. My favourites are What To Expect and Ovia Pregnancy.
  • I have been absolutely craving Paris lately, and I have no idea why. I’ve been once, but years ago. I literally keep dreaming up trips, and deciding whether to go with my baby, or try and go before he/she comes. This Paris travel guide is a great read! 
  • Uriel and I have been back and forth to Key West to visit our doctor for check-ups and scans, and so we have really made the most of enjoying the town in the quiet season whilst we have been there – since easter the reduction of tourists has been huge. These are some of the romantic things we have been up to.
  • This post is awesome! Imagine flying your way across the states and to the bahamas. This travel blogger did just that and her photos are incredible!
  • I really want to buy one of these cute cuddle buddies when baby comes, which provide 10 meals for babies in need with every purchase.

What I’ve Been Reading This Month

luxury backpack baby

The Rocks by Peter Nichols

I enjoyed this book so much, it was just flawless. The story of two families, two love stories, three generations, and countless countries. Most of it is based on Mallorca, so for me it was very special. 5/5, Would I recommend it? Yes!

What Alice Forgot by Liana Moriarty

I finished this book in two days – I just couldn’t put it down. I became a fan of her work after reading The Husband’s Secret, and then watching Big Little Lies on HBO which was fabulous. This was slightly more lighthearted, but a totally addictive read. 4/5, Would I recommend it? Yes.

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

I shamefully read the Shopaholic series when I was younger, so thought I would give this new one by Kinsella a read for old times sake. It was an easy read, slightly cheesy, a bit boring, and didn’t really leave much of a lasting impression. I did enjoy the countryside glamping aspect of the story, which was quite fun. 2/5, Would I recommend it? Probably not.

See you next month!

luxury backpack baby

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