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Hello Everyone!

The Florida Keys is a funny place. I try so hard to explain to friends and family back in the UK just how quirky and unique these little islands are, but I just can’t do it justice in one telephone conversation. For to really take it all in you have to experience it for yourself. You have to see past the bright turquoise water and tiki bars, and see the little oddities along the way that make the ‘Conch Republic’ one of a kind.

I was having a conversation with my husband about just how damn weirdly wonderful the Keys are when he devised ‘Florida Keys Bingo’! So read on, and enjoy this week’s bit of fun from the Florida Keys!

florida keys bingo

What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Want to read something quintessentially English? I just finished Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love and it was a great read. It follows a titled English family and the misadventures of their beautiful but unruly daughter. It is an amusing insight into the upper class on the verge of WWII.

Would I recommend it? Definitely! 

florida keys bingo

What I’ve Loved Online This Week

This Week’s Story – Florida Keys Bingo!

florida keys bingo

If you are planning a trip to the Florida Keys, you will most likely be driving from Miami down the Overseas Highway, which takes you the whole way to Key West. It is a long and very pretty drive, and the only way to get through the Keys by car.

I devised Florida Keys bingo to keep you entertained on the drive!!!

HOW TO PLAY: Simply cross off every image that you see below, until you get everything in a line, whether up, down or horizontal! Use the ‘free space’ for extra help. For the A* students among us, go the extra mile and see if you can cross off everything on your trip to the Florida Keys! Comment below if you manage to for bragging rights.

MULTIPLAYER & PRINTABLE VERSION: Want to play with friends? Click here for the PRINTABLE BINGO GAME, which includes 4 different versions to keep it fun!

florida keys bingo

Images, from top to bottom, left to right:

1) An iguana 2) A sunset 3) State park sign 4) Someone smoking a cuban cigar 5) Hemingway’s House 6) A T-Shirt City, Sandal Outlet 7) Key Lime pie 8) An out-of-state license plate 9) Southermost point 10) A stray chicken 11) Salt life sticker 12) The 7-mile bridge 13) FREE SPACE 14) A cuban coffee 15) Tie-dye shirt 16) Sandals + socks 17) A dive flag 18) It’s 5 o’clock somewhere sign 19) A key deer 20) Drinking out of a coconut 21) The Midway Cafe 22) A Panama hat 23) Key West lighthouse 24) Mile Marker 0 25) The Tildens dive shop’s big fish.

Enjoy! And see you same time next Sunday,

Emily x

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