Strasbourg, France, is the perfect base for a week of wine tasting, visiting spa towns, and living a fairytale in the Black Forest, just over the border in Germany.

Strasbourg is such a great city. Sitting right on the border of France and Germany, the influence from both countries is really apparent. This means it is the perfect ‘couples’ destination, if like me you love the wine and cheese, and the man prefers beers and sausage.

We chose Strasbourg as we wanted a quiet week away.

Somewhere neither of us had thought to go before, and more importantly, NO crowds of tourists! It is really a winter destination, given that it becomes flooded with christmas markets come December. Therefore spring/summer is the perfect time to visit if you crave sunshine and the quiet, but want culture over beaches.

strasbourg wine guide

strasbourg wine guide

Where We Stayed

We used AirBnB for a great deal on a beautiful apartment right in the city centre. There are some great options for accommodation, but personally I recommend this option during the spring and summer months in Strasbourg, as many of the rates are lowered due to it being more popular come winter.

strasbourg wine guide

As well as having the usual tourist shops and restaurants, Strasbourg has a really cool vibe, with lots of quirky markets and bars. It is a photographers heaven, with beautiful architecture and streets to capture every where you look.

Foodies! Strasbourg is also a real foodie heaven, with over a thousand restaurants and lots of amazing local dishes to try.

Top Things To Do In Strasbourg

  • Visit its Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame with its amazing astronomical clock.
  • Eat at the beautiful La Corde a Linge and soak in the atmosphere.
  • Visit the historic hospital wine cellar and be wowed by wine.
  • Jump on a train from the Gare de Strasbourg and nip into Germany’s Black Forest.
  • Drive through the vineyards on the Alsace wine road and visit as many vineyards as you can fit into a day – or two!

strasbourg wine guide

strasbourg wine guide

Being in France, wine was high on the agenda. We learned so much about French wine over the week, especially on our drive down the wine road of the Alsace, which led us to so many picturesque little towns and vineyards.

A Guide To Driving the Wine Road of the Alsace

Alsace wine guide

For a night out of the city, we stayed over in one of the small wine towns called Kaysersberg. This truly was something out of a fairytale, and I imagined seeing Belle from Beauty and the Beast having a cup of tea at the corner cafe, or Snow White and her trail of Dwarfs wandering through the market.

We did a wine tasting in the afternoon and had the most amazing romantic dinner later on. Come 10pm, the town is deserted, so expect an early night and a great nights sleep!

strasbourg wine guide

Your Itinerary

From Strasbourg the wine route is a breathtaking drive, surrounded by rolling vineyards and sunflower fields. My pick of the towns to stop at from Strasbourg to Kayserberg are as follows:


Named one of the most beautiful towns in France, this makes a perfect first stop on your wine route.


So pretty – a real fairytale town that you cannot miss.


Just 4 km from Ribeauville, this is another stunning town which hosts a great variety of boutiques and restaurants.


In the middle of the wine route. A very pretty medium-sized town with many picturesque landmarks. Perfect for stopping for lunch and sampling your first wine!


Narrow streets lined with floral arrangements. Have you camera ready!

Kayserberg (Where We Stayed)

One of the smaller towns, it lies just North-West of Colmar, and the perfect place to wind up after a day of driving and exploring. We stayed at a small hotel in the centre of the town which we just walked up and booked, and was perfectly pleasant.

That night we had an amazing dinner at Le Sarment d’Or which was fantastic. It is also a hotel, and if we went again I would probably book to stay here as the rooms look incredible and would be the perfect end to a fairytale day.

There are lots of wineries around where you can stop by to try some wines, you can schedule a tour via the tourist infomation, or you can simply rest up in a cafe or bar and try a few off the list.

A Quick Guide to Wines of the Alsace

The Alsace is famous for Riesling, along with other floral, mineral driven, light citrus and peachy wines. If you are a Riesling fan you are in the right place! The region’s sparkling wine, Crémant d’Alsace, is produced using the same methods as champagne, and is very gluggable!

Alsace Wines

  • Riesling
  • Crémant d’Alsace
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Pinot Gris
  • Muscat
  • Pinot Noir

I highly recommend Strasbourg for a week where you can unplug and unwind. You certainly won’t be bored, and your taste buds will thank you!

Come back soon for a post all about our day trips to Baden-Baden and the Black Forest. 


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