5 Seriously Cool Travel Gadgets

5 travel gadgets

Whether you are travelling with a backpack, hand luggage, or an entourage of suitcases, the likelihood is that extra space in your luggage is hard to come by regardless. I am always on the lookout for gadgets that combine functionality with packability – i.e. something that works without compromising much needed space in my suitcase. These are the products that have caught my eye lately.

5. Mophie Powerstation Duo

Charge your phone up to 4 times, and two devices at once with this handy gadget.

$45.00 available here.

5 travel gadgets

4. Philips FLEX Bluetooth speaker

The size of a c0okie but with some serious sound power, this is the perfect travel speaker.

$20.99 available here.

5 travel gadgets

3. Green Air USB Diffuser.

I have just recently started to use essential oils, and this travel diffuser is perfect for using your favourite oils on the go, as well as freshening up stale hotel rooms.

$13.99 available here.

5 travel gadgets

4. Collar Perfect Travel Iron

Perfect for all those last minute crease fixes, and a tiny portable size.

$39.95 available here.

5 travel gadgets

5. ZUta Labs Pocket Printer.

How convenient would this be for printing last minute boarding passes, visas and reservations? The video is quite mesmerising!

$299, Pre-order only from here.

What is your new favourite travel gadget?


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