This has been a post I have wanted to write for a while.


Because money is the very thing that gives us the freedom to travel!

Saving money for travel whilst having a social life is so hard. If like me you don’t want to shut yourself away from the world for 6 months prior to your trip just to save money, then you will know how hard it is to save for your adventure. But once you are on your travels and money is getting tight I PROMISE you will regret spending so much at home before you left.

Here are my top tips that I actually use for saving money for travel whilst still having a social life!

saving money for travel

Use Honey

Honey is a website that automatically adds the best coupon codes at checkout for your purchases, essentially giving you free money when you buy things online. Perfect for making all those amazon purchases for travel gear before you leave.

Get Netflix

Ok so everyone might tell you that deleting every unnecessary expense you have is the best way to travel. Well hang on a minute there. Netflix might be the very thing you need to save money. Instead of going to the cinema which can be hugely expensive, creative a list of movies you want to see on Netflix. Plus, getting in to a great series (they have some cool documentary and travel series) might make you think twice about going out. You can even sell your TV and make some cash back!


Going to dinner doesn’t have to stop entirely. Alcohol really racks up the price of restaurant bill and if you bring your own from the store it makes a massive difference. These bring-your-own-bottle places can be fab. I found some great thai and Vietnamese places in London that I loved! They even keep your wine chilled for you.

Do The Coffee Run

Sure paying for coffee is a really big area where you can save, however being the golden girl who offers to do the coffee run for everyone at work can pay off. Most stores, such as Cafe Nero, offer stamps for every coffee you buy. When you get 9 or 12 stamps you get a free cuppa! If you are buying 5 at a time, you get 5 stamps, which means FREE COFFEE! (and everyone at work will love you for volunteering!)

Happy Hours

I rave about happy hours! But they are truly great. So many great restaurants and bars offer massively cut prices during certain times, which makes a huge difference to your bank balance yet keeps your social life intact!

Thrift Stores

Charity shops in England are surprisingly not always that cheap, however found yourself a thrift store, yard or “jumble” sale and you can pick up some serious bargains. Make a list of things you need for your travels and keep it with you, that way if you stumble upon a great second hand store you can actually pick up things you NEED.

Store Points

Boots do it in the UK, Walgreens in the USA. When you do your massive shop for your travel first aid kit and beauty products, do it somewhere you can get points for your purchases. These places actually give you the cash back to use in store. I used to buy my lunch from Boots in the UK and saves up the points to buy a lot of my travel products. Look out for offers too – such as double points.

Shop Around

This is something I have really become aware of since being in the US. As much as I definitely noticed the benefits of shopping around in the UK, in the US it is imperative as the high street stores differ so greatly in price for everything store to store. This might mean that you save $10 on one item and pay more for another. The prices are crazy! I’ve saved $30 just by buying the exact same products from two different stores.

Save On Your Glasses and Contact Lenses

Following on from the above, shopping around and considering store points when buying your glasses and contacts can save you hundreds! Boots opticians is great in the UK as you get points which turn into store credit, which, when you are spending a few £100 turns into big money. Otherwise, shop around and consider buying online for a lot cheaper. I buy my contacts online for a fraction of the cost of in store. Ditch the private opticians now!

Money-Saving Blogs

Blogging isn’t just for travellers and fashionistas! There are some fab blogs which focus on money saving tips from real people. My fave is Blissful and Domestic which is the blog of a mum who feeds and provides for her family on 14k per year and is full of great advice. Another goodie is Queen of Free and she just recently posted all about HER fave money saving blogs, so check it out!

Become A Finance Guru!

Seriously, using tools such as Money Saving Expert can open your eyes to so much. I had no clue about credit cards, interest rates, or any of that malarkey until I started reading that website. I learned about balance transfers and actually paid my credit card off and managed my finances all because of it… whilst living in expensive London!

saving money for travel

There are so many tricks for saving money for travel whilst having a social life, and I hope you enjoyed reading a few of my top tips!

Happy saving!

saving money for travel

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