So, you are looking for somewhere to jet off to, but you don’t have much money saved AND you don’t want to compromise your comfort and luxury…

These are our 8 best flashpacking destinations for experiencing luxury on a budget.

8 – India

India is one for those who wish to be completely submerged in a new, chaotic, colourful culture! Travel blogger Hippie In Heels is the expert on flashpacking in India, and she has written a whole host of helpful posts all about the subject.

Goa is her pick of the safer and best place to enjoy your India experience, with a lot of great hostels and even a wide range of 5* hotels which are actually really reasonable. Check out her pick of the 5* resorts here.

And before you go, her 100 tips for travelling in India are a MUST-read for anyone embarking on a trip.

best flashpacking destinations

7 – Indonesia

If you are looking for a truly magical luxury vacation, then Indonesia is the perfect place to go. With some amazing 5* resorts for a fraction of the cost of other countries, it is a no-brainer as one of the best flashpacking destinations.

Check out designer Innika Choo’s Insty account here and prepare to fall in love with Bali! (If there was ever an advocate for stylish travel in Indonesia, then that would be it!)

Indonesia is known for being extremely cheap, however for travellers who want to see more than one destination getting around can be expensive here. Travel blogger Be My Travel Muse has written a really helpful article about how to cut back on transportation costs and how to make your money go ever further. You can read that here.

best flashpacking destinations

6 – Montenegro

Europe is generally going to be a lot more expensive than Asia and South America, however my pick of the European countries that offer luxury for less has to be Montenegro! Firstly, it is amazing. The Bay of Kotor is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and hotels in this area offer a truly luxury getaway. And the bonus is that it is considerably cheaper than a lot of other European destinations.

There are lots of great destinations in this wonderful country to explore, and extremely varying price points on hotels and hostels so ensure you shop around for a great deal. My top picks in Kotor are the Palazzo Drusko hotel or the Old Town Kotor Hostel.

best flashpacking destinations

5 – Ecuador

Back to South America and we are next door to Peru! I love Ecuador because I found it really safe and therefore a great choice for a travel newbie. It is exceptionally cheap, and very much untouched by the western world in comparison with its neighbouring countries.

The tourist aimed activities are really cheap and epic. I thoroughly recommend taking some of the train journeys into the mountains! Read about this here.

And how do you make your trip to Ecuador extra fabulous? Take a trip to the Galapagos islands! You can read about how to do this on a budget here.

best flashpacking destinations

4 – Morocco

A big reveal: we are going to Morocco next year! I cannot wait as it somewhere that has been on my list for years and is one of the best flashpacking destinations! My sister, who is the perfect person to recommend a flashpacking spot, raved about it. If, like her, you are looking for somewhere completely new and subversive, love to shop and wander around markets, and really love a slice of luxury on a budget, then Morocco is for you!

My travel blogging friend Hoff to Explore wrote a great piece about Morocco’s must-do’s here, and you can follow their action packed 10 days in Morocco here for ideas on planning your trip!

best flashpacking destinations

3 – Nicaragua

Central America in general is a great spot for anyone who wants their first backpacking adventure and my pick of the best flashpacking destinations here is Nicaragua. It is a good choice price wise, being much cheaper than popular spots such as Costa Rica and Panama, whilst offering all of their diverse climates and experiences.

I have never been to Ometepe but have heard FABULOUS things about it from both my man and some good friends who all say I would love it. The beaches are said to be second to none, and it is known widely as a very safe tourist spot. Read all about how to make the most of a quick trip or layover in Nicaragua here.

best flashpacking destinations

2 – Vietnam

Vietnam is known for it’s beaches and fabulous cities, and price wise is considerably less than other similar countries. It is a great place to jet off to for some winter sun, and offers beautiful resorts and day spas for cheaper than say, Thailand.

Out of my picks of the best flashpacking destinations Vietnam is great as you can cut back with extremely cheap hostels and live on a couple of $ per day whilst exploring, and then splash out for a luxury resort for the last few days to be truly pampered…

This is a really great way of experiencing luxury for less!

best flashpacking destinations

1 – Peru

Peru is the first pick of the best flashpacking destinations and is a fabulous choice as there really is so much to do here! You can cater your travels around comfort and ease or go off the beaten track.

Lima is a great city to explore, with lots of luxury hotels for less, and some good quality hostels. Beach towns like Mancora offer the beach resort experience and plenty of happy hours but at a fraction of the cost of other countries.

The Inca trail is known for being an expensive tourist spot, however there is no need to shell out for an expensive guide – with the right tips and tricks you can do it really cheaply! You can find a great post about this here.

best flashpacking destinations

What are your picks of the best flashpacking destinations?

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best flashpacking destinations