Coconut Oil Travel Tube Review

Coconut oil tube review

Multi tasking products are a travellers best friend. There is one product that I never ever travel without, and that is…

A Coconut Oil travel tube!

Coconut oil travel tube

Fitting everything you need for an adventure in one backpack or suitcase can be tricky, especially when your normal beauty regime uses lots of lotions and potions. I must admit that I used to be one of those girls who used lots of expensive beauty products everyday, but travel really made me reevaluate this, and only left me with room for the products that really worked.

I have become more and more conscious of using natural products, and eliminating the amount of chemicals I use on my skin. I started using Coconut Oil to wash my face about six months ago now, and haven’t looked back. It continued to become the most versatile product in my cupboard and I would cart the large jar back and forth between kitchen and bathroom for the many things I used it for. There was just one problem..I was about to go travelling, and a glass jar and a backpack don’t work very well.

Enter the Coconut Oil travel tube!

I was sent a few samples to try recently and felt I had died and gone to coconut-scented heaven when I started using these products. What began as a coconut oil travel tube review became a head over heels love for this product. It solved SO many of my travel issues, and now I rarely leave the house without a tube of Coconut Oil in my bag.

Coconut oil travel tube

What I use actually Coconut Oil for

Washing my face

Every night I warm a little coconut oil between my hands and then massage it into my face and eye area. Using a wash cloth and hot water I then remove it, which feels like a little spa treatment! I find it completely removes my make-up, even mascara. I don’t wear very much make-up nowadays, especially when travelling, but if I wear a lot I just use Bioderma micellar water before hand.


The great thing about the above is that it naturally moisturises your skin as you cleanse. Do you have dry skin? You can simply reapply a layer for a great moisturising treatment. That being said I pretty much just slap it on everywhere, when needed.


After spending a day in the sun there is nothing more soothing that coconut oil as a deep moisturising treatment. It is soothing, anti-ageing, and totally natural compared to most store bought after-sun!

Eye-lash and eyebrow conditioner

I mix a little coconut oil with castor oil (a whole new wonder in itself!) and use this as a conditioner before I go to bed. Since doing this I have noticed a massive difference in the length and condition of both!

Hair Mask

Once a week I do a deep conditioning treatment with the coconut oil and castor oil mix. I massage it into my scalp and through the lengths of my hair. I usually do this before bed and wash it out in the morning. I was initially worried that it would make my hair oily, but nope, it works a treat!


I use the coconut oil to cook with instead of other cooking oils. It is much better for you than regular oils, and is a great way to reduce carriage when travelling as you can use the tube you have. But when it comes to using coconut oil in the kitchen, my absolute favourite use is this…

My morning coffee

If you would like a creamy latte which is dairy and sugar free, this is my best kept secret. Simply make coffee as normal, pour it into a blender with one small teaspoon of coconut oil (make sure the oil is already melted and not solidified), and blitz. It makes the creamiest latte!

I really recommend carrying a coconut oil travel tube with you on your travels

My pick for at home: Conscious Coconut

It comes in REALLY pretty packaging which looks divine on your shelf. Plus this is a product with a conscience – for every purchase a child is given a meal through a partnership with Feeding America.

I really like the screw cap, as it feels secure and you know the product isn’t going to leak.

Buy your tube here.

Coconut oil travel tube


My pick for your travels: Coco Luxe Organic

This product is great, and they offer some really good tips and tricks for using it too. Plus as they really believe it is the perfect addition to your backpack, they have kindly offered Luxury Backpack readers an exclusive 15% discount! Simply use the code CocoLuxeToGo on at the checkout to redeem your discount!

Coconut oil travel tube

Coconut DIY products for the a quick spa treatment on your travels via Coco Luxe Organic

Hawaiian Lava Salt Scrub

1/2 teaspoon of salt

3/4 teaspoon of Coconut Oil

Massage on to your face, and leave on for a few minutes to enjoy the benefits before rinsing!

Honey-Ginger Power Mask

Finely chop an inch of ginger, mix with equal parts coconut oil and honey, then slather on to your face. Leave on for 10-20 mins and rinse. Perfect for a great moisturising treat for hydrated, over travelled skin!

For more DIY beauty treats head over to

What is your favourite multi-tasking product?


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coconut oil travel tube

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