The hardest bit about backpacking is carrying everything you may need for your entire trip in one backpack! But as well as the necessities, there are a few non-essential luxury things which I recommend you take in order to take your trip from standard backpacking to luxury backpacking.

These are NOT the essential items, but I really recommend you make space to take the following with you to – trust me, when you’re tired and homesick it will be worth it!

Luxury Backpacking

1 – A Thermos Flask

If you are a tea or coffee fan then this is worth the carriage. Most hostels will provide coffee or have a kettle or stove you can use to make tea, and so a thermos flask is a great way of taking a hot drink to go on a long journey. Cup of coffee to go – that’s the ultimate luxury backpacking! Believe me, you will be grateful for it when you are on a 20 hour bus journey and you are able to have a comforting cup of tea. On a sidenote, I am English so of course I always pack PG Tips teabags too!

2 – Speakers

The person who brought speakers is always popular! It really is a great thing to have and you would be surprised as to how few people pack them. Plus, there are so many great lightweight ones on the market that they don’t have to take up so much room either. I once took a 4 day boat trip from Panama to Colombia, and only one person out of 23 had speakers – they were very popular!

3 – A Sleepmask

This will be your best friend. Hostel dorm rooms are very rarely fully dark, and on long bus and plane journeys you will be thankful for packing this. I recommend buying a silk one. Not only will it feel gorgeous and soft against your skin, but silk is good for hot or cold weather, and won’t absorb sweat like cotton, plus you can hand-wash it if necessary. A Luxury Backpacking essential!

4 – An I-Pad or Kindle

I’ve travelled with a laptop before, and although it was the best thing to have it with me, it was very heavy and I had to always be super careful with it. I really recommend taking a tablet with you. If you are a blogger or writer I recommend taking an I-Pad with a travel keyboard. Otherwise any tablet you like, such as a Kindle Fire. You can use them as a book, for photo storage, or just to watch shows. Make sure you get a waterproof case or sack to carry it in!

5 – A Good Camera

Your I-Phone will not cut it. Believe me. I travelled through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize with only a phone camera years ago (and phone camera’s were not as good as they are today!) and although I do have some good pics I really regret it. Now I always take a Canon DSLR with two lenses, and it’s a total pain in the bum, but when I flick through my photos now it was worth the extra carriage – And now I have great memories of my luxury backpacking adventures!

Travel photography

6 – A Scarf

A good quality scarf or pashmina is a luxury item which ticks all the boxes of travel essentials as it is durable, multitasking, and won’t take up too much room. A good quality cashmere pashmina or scarf won’t go bobbly or itchy, and will give comfort that a cheaper fabric can’t so make sure you invest. The uses for a scarf are endless – you can use it as a blanket on the plane, a sarong for the beach, a comforter, to update an outfit…. the list goes on.

7 – A Luxury Shower Gel

I take a bottle of Jo Malone shower gel with me when I backpack and here’s why. Cold showers in your flip flops are miserable. Yet the smell of a luxury shower gel makes it so much better. Plus the scent lasts on your skin longer, and the bottle lasts for the entire trip – unlike cheap versions. Now every time I smell the shower gel I am transported back to my travels. This is truly a luxury backpacking item, but believe me, will be worth it!

8 – A Hardback Journal

Please don’t go on your trip without a journal! Travelling is an adventure, and you will do so much that it is easy to forget the little details. Social Media and blogging is a great way to store memories, but the personal journey that you go on you might not want to share with the world. Whether you prefer sketching, scrap booking or writing, a journal will be your favourite thing to look back on in years to come. Always invest in hardback so it will fare the journey. I love Moleskine journals as they have an elastic strap and little pocket at the back, and stand the test of time.

9 – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an item which you may think would be hard to take backpacking – glass jars don’t fare well in a backpack. However there are lots of travel options available now which are perfect. This product will instantly replace other bulkier items you might consider packing – such as cleanser, moisturiser, and make-up remover; plus you can use it for cooking, to make salad dressing, for aftersun, as an antibacterial ointment… the list goes on and on. I love Coco Lux which is perfect for any climate, and lightweight for your backpack!

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10 – Slipper Socks

Okay so these really don’t take up any space at all, but are really a great thing to have with you that you may of not thought about. You will find that a pair of flip-flops are your sole footwear when travelling, but slipper socks are great for cosying up on buses or in hostels, and you can walk around in them. I never fly without them, and always pop them on as soon as I get onboard the plane.

Luxury Backpacking


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