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Weekend Escapes – 48 Hours in Venice

Once upon a time I rocked up to Venice on a super yacht for a weekend. It sounds glamorous, but aside from a whistle-stop tour through the canals, a bellini in Harry's Bar, and a few evening strolls around San Marco's square, we worked flat out. When travel blogger...

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5 Best Coffee Shops in Portland

Coffee & Travel blogger Melina of Coffee and Fernweh tells us her 5 best coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. So, in Melina's words...."Grab yourself a cup of Joe and let’s get to it!" When you think of Portland or the Pacific northwest in general, you probably think of...

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Notes From The Backpack – July 2018

It is no secret that I have been unreliably sporadic with these posts. The last one I actually wrote was last August, when I had just left the Florida Keys and moved to the UK to have my baby. I have filled you in since then with a bumper life update and the whole...

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5 Alternative Luxury Accommodations in Key West

Key West is the destination of summer vacation dreams. From its stunning town, with a plethora of restaurants, bars and shops, to its beautiful natural surroundings; it really is perfect for a luxury getaway. When planning your trip, there are many hotels and...

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