How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

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Adventure and exploration can happen in every aspect of your life. Of course world travel is something that I completely suggest everyone does at some point in their lives, but breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t just come in the form of jetting to the furthest corners of the earth!

Want to have a life with more adventure?

Itching to live your life to the fullest?

Wishing you could have a year which you can look back on and be proud of?

Adventure can happen in your own home town. But also booking a weekend away can be a cheap and really easy way to discover new places and have adventures on a monthly basis. You just have to think outside the box to live a life that is full of exploration… put your phone down, say no the usual routine of 9-5 followed by a Friday evening in the pub and a Saturday filled with chores, and work around YOUR normal routine to make 2017 bigger, bolder and better!

How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Treat Your Own Hometown Like A Foreign Place

Imagine you just arrived in the place that you live. What would you want to do? What would you want to see? Research blogs and tourist info of the place where you live, and see it for every great thing thats it’s worth. If you truly can’t find anything you love about it, maybe it is time to consider moving!

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Visiting a local art gallery… just to see my favourite painting

Schedule A Few Weekends Away In Your Diary

You don’t even have to decide where you are going to go to yet, but get them penciled in already so you can’t back out. You can work out where you are going to go and the budget you have nearer the time. Use those public holiday’s to score an extra day, and look at the cheapest flights deals.

Put Down Your Phone!

The internet is a great tool for inspiring wanderlust. I get so inspired on a daily basis, especially platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. But there is a point where if you spend too much time online you are missing out on your own life, and can get seriously down in the dumps feeling like everyone else is having the time of their lives apart from you.

My Tip:

Use your time online productively: Create a pinterest board with specific trips, useful articles, and places you actually want to go to (see mine here!). Join online groups, such as Girls Love Travel on Facebook, which will put you in contact with likeminded people.

Get A New Outdoor Hobby

Live by the water? Why not get a new hobby such as paddle-boarding, sailing, or kayaking? Otherwise, hiking could become your new best friend. Getting outdoors can be so revitalising, and having a new activity can mean you meet new people, and have another source of pleasure in your life.

happiness planner blogger review

Rediscover nature!

Use Online Deals To Try Something New

Groupon is such a cool platform for trying something new, and on a budget. I have done such random new activities just because I have searched a destination I am going to on groupon and similar platforms, and booked cheap experiences. These have included spa days, fancy meals out, theatre productions, and even a Welsh whiskey tasting!

Top Tip:

For cool activities in your city, I really recommend Y-Plan for daily offers.

Use An Old Fashioned Journal

When I worked in London as an event manager, everything was online. Between my blackberry, i-phone and online calendar, my life was organised. But when you can cancel plans at the click of a button, and live your life online, the joys of planning are somehow lost. This year I got a gorgeous planner – The Happiness Planner, which you can use to plan all elements of your life, focussing on happiness. It certainly makes me a lot more excited about the year ahead, and all the experiences I can plot out on those blank pages!

Treat Everyday As An Adventure

Think of how long a day feels when spent in a new place, doing new things, compared to a day living your normal routine. If you could live every day like the former, wouldn’t that be the key to happiness? My tip is to try to create excitement and the feeling that every day is special, everyday! This could be anything from taking the time to make a really good cup of coffee, to wearing your best underwear. Stuck in a rut at work and having a bad day? Ride that roller coaster and watch a girlie movie with a chinese takeaway. Make everyday about feeling good.

Treat Fun Like You Do Grocery Shopping

Schedule it in, and just make it a priority. You wouldn’t sit at home hungry if you have no food in the cupboards, you would go shopping and get something. You would think carefully about what you want to eat, you would plan it and cook a meal (or at least put something in the microwave!). Treating adventure like this means that you also make it a priority. Think carefully about what you could do that would be fun, plan it, invite friends or go solo, and go have an adventure!

happiness planner blogger review

Supercharge Every Element of Your Life

By adding extra oomph to everyday activities and being mindful, every day can feel a lot more rewarding and exciting. By putting a little more effort in to your every day, you might just be astounded at the effects it can have on your whole life. For example…

Love reading? Don’t just pick up any old book but join an online book club (I run one on Goodreads which you can join here!)

Want to make dinner more exciting? Browse a cooking blog and cook something new.

Is your relationship feeling stagnant? Buy a Karma Sutra book!

You get the point!

What resolutions have you made for 2017 to make it your most exciting year yet?

See you on Sunday for my weekly Notes From The Backpack post! Happy New Year!


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