What Is Luxury Backpacking?

luxury backpacking

Welcome to the world of Luxury Backpacking!

Budget travel can be a glamorous and stylish affair, and I am here to show you how to do it! With a few top tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to adding the ‘luxury’ in ‘luxury backpacking’ without spending more money. A big hello to new readers, you can read more about me here!

Who is a luxury backpacker?

You are probably someone who loves travelling, am I right? Or at least the idea of travelling.

You love some aspects about backpacking, but are rather put off by the idea of leaving behind your home comforts and certainly don’t fancy those dodgy hostels and the chicken buses. Plus, do you really actually need to use a backpack? (a suitcase will do!).

Maybe you feel your backpacking days are behind you, but you crave a new adventure and the freedom that comes with it. The idea of a dorm room makes you shudder, but other parts of hostels, such as meeting people and the relaxed vibe, still appeal.

You crave a little luxury, and crave  the travel experience you see on so many beautiful Instagram accounts such as this one and this one (thank you for ruining our travel expectation forever!) But you don’t have the money to charter a luxury yacht or fly first class.

luxury backpacking

You might of heard of the term ‘flashpacking’ or ‘glamping’?

Well if those terms have spoken to you personally in the past, you’ll have a an idea of the kind of travel we promote. Luxury Backpacking is exactly what it says on the tin: It is for everyone who wants the backpacking experience but with a touch more luxury and comfort, from the hardcore traveller to the travel newbies. This is travel at its finest, with the backpacking element still in it – because after all, that’s where the adventure happens!

Luxury Backpack is a blog designed to give you a helping hand with every stage of your travels, and where I impart my travel wisdom so that you can have the most luxurious, stylish, and comfortable time on a limited budget.

Luxury backpacking is a way of backpacking in style and comfort through knowing where to get the best deals and how to bag a bargain, rather than by spending more money. Sometimes now as an adult no longer in my early 20’s I spend more, but usually I actually manage to bag, steal or borrow my way into having a first class experience on a backpackers budget.

I know that travel can be scary

Especially when you have decided to take a trip but have no idea where to go or how to begin planning your trip. I know this, and I really promise to hold you hand and guide you through it. Whether you want to take a grown-up gap year, a vacation of a lifetime to somewhere a little different, or if you just want to jet off and get lost finding yourself for a while!

luxury backpacking

For now, I have a few great places to get you started…

And be sure to stick around. This is some of what’s coming up on Luxury Backpack over the next few weeks…

  • How to plan your trip from beginning to end
  • The ultimate travel resources that I actually use
  • Your ultimate luxury backpacking packing list
  • My tried and tested tips to make backpacking easier!
luxury backpacking

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