How To See The Legendary Green Flash

green flash

At the end of a day spent at the computer, there is nothing I love more than going for a bike ride, perhaps grabbing a cold drink to-go, and watching the Florida sun set over the ocean.

And there is only ever one place that we go to see this. Where the green flash isn’t just a myth but something you see night after night.

If you find yourself in Florida, it is well worth the journey down to the middle keys, parking up your car, and taking a stroll just along the seven mile bridge.

It is here that you will see the most spectacular sunset, and if you’re really lucky, the green flash.

What Is The Green Flash?

The green flash is an flash of green light that you can see the moment straight after sunset or before sunrise. It happens when the sun is almost entirely below the horizon, with the very tip of the sun  still visible. For that very moment the sun will appear bright green as it dives behind the ocean, as is known as the legendary green flash.

Legend has it that if you manage to see it you’ll never again go wrong in love! But aside from this, it is pretty amazing. I have seen it quite a few times around the world, but never have I seen it so prominently, and so brightly as I have on the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

How Can I See It?


  • Pick a clear day with no clouds or haze.
  • Place yourself somewhere where you can see a clear horizon – such as the Seven Mile Bridge! Over the water is the best place.

Important tip: Don’t look at the sun until it is nearly entirely below the horizon. If you do, you will be dazzled and unable to see it.

Your Seven Mile Bridge Sunset Itinerary

Start your journey on the old Seven Mile Bridge which is pedestrian only. Cycling along you might just be lucky enough to see a shark, sea turtle or giant manta ray in the crystal blue waters beneath you.

green flash

green flash

green flash

You will see a smiley face and ‘1 mile’ painted on the bridge below you…

Then you see an island looming in the distance. It is Pigeon Key, and accessible only by boat, and for the venturer who will see it from the bridge above. It is about 2 miles down the bridge, which is as far as this old pedestrian only bridge goes before it is broken off. It is a really exhilarating ride, and well worth making the journey all the way.

green flash

green flash

green flash

In the shallow waters below you can see starfish larger than you ever imagined!

Cycling back you feel the sea breeze in your face, cooling you from the heat of the setting sun.

And then you’ll stop, take out a cold drink from your backpack, and sit for a while.

And witness the most spectacular colours wash across the sky as the sun sets.

green flash

green flash

And then… if the day is right and the clouds have disappeared, you will see it.

The green flash!

A bright green mini-sun, the last impression of the day you will have.

And then you’ll cycle home, still seeing that green in your eyes.

green flash

Green flash

Note:- Moments like that are more perfect when seen with your own eyes rather than through a lens. I am always too busy capturing the moment of the green flash with my eyes, rather than my camera so I will try and get a good photo of it and will post when I do!

I think we could be friends.

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