5 Packing Tips For Stress Free Travels

packing tips

My packing tips for a stress free start to your travels

I have had my fair share of packing nightmares…

Including stuffing far too many clothes in my suitcase (which then explodes all over my hotel room on arrival), choosing the wrong bag, and just using far too many bags in the first place.

Behold my far cry from the term ‘travelling lightly’…

Packing nightmares

packing tips

Men are pro’s at travelling ‘lightly’ … I was 100ft behind dragging my luggage

The truth is, the more organised you are in the packing process, the easier your whole trip will be. With my packing tips you should be able to avoid any nightmares, and will feel completely organised the whole way through your vacation, from beginning to end – leaving you with more time to enjoy yourself!

Here are my packing tips for avoiding summer vacation packing nightmares!

1 – Pick the right bag

Hand luggage only? You might want a small suitcase with wheels in order to make your life easier at the airport. For check in bags decide if you want to travel with a suitcase or a backpack. I love my Antler soft bag with wheels (pictured above) which is easy to store once unpacked, and has lots of pockets. Top tip: choose the smallest suitcase for your trip – a big suitcase = a heavy, overpacked suitcase!

2 – Make a checklist

Before you even begin to pack make sure you write down everything you are going to take. This is an essential step to prevent overpacking! Plus, you can clearly see what you need to buy beforehand.

I usually divide my list up as follows: Clothing, toiletries + make-up, first aid, electronics, accessories, and travel documents.

3 – Prep a few weeks in advance

By shopping for everything you need now you will be so grateful when it comes the time to actually pack your bags. Start setting aside things a few weeks ahead and begin doing laundry and having things folded and ready. I usually take over the spare bedroom and lay everything out on the spare bed. This also gives you time to think about outfits and by seeing everything together you will evaluate what you will actually wear with what.

4 – Choose the right products

There are many products which make a travellers life easier. Even if you are just going away for a week or so, you can still be a savvy traveller with these items…

  • External power station – stay charged when you’re on the move!
  • 10ft lightening cable – for charging your gadgets in airports and across the room.
  • A great camera, such as this one – don’t rely on your phone camera!
  • Waterproof phone case – don’t get caught out by the pool or on the beach
  • Compresion socks or leggings – for long haul flights these are an essential!
  • A neck pillow – get enough rest on any kind of journey
  • Ear plugs – if your hotel or hostel is less than quiet
  • Sleeping mask – for those bright hotel rooms and for the journey
  • Soft water bottle – always stay hydrated in hot climates without taking up luggage space

5 – Use smaller bags and pouches

Packing cubes, compressors and pouches will save you so much hassle! I love using clear pouches to organise my bag. These ones from Truffle are delightful. To see them in use, see how gorgeous blogger Gal Meets Glam uses hers here (and behold packing perfection!)

There are two kinds of packers in life: those who roll and those who fold! I roll everything to make more space and I find your clothes are less wrinkled when you arrive.


packing nightmares

These stuff sacks will really help organise those chargers and smaller items ($22.95 for three):

packing nightmares

Had your own packing nightmares?

What are your top vacation packing tips to help beat the packing blues?

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