A Luxury Backpacking Adventure In Mauritius

budget trips to Mauritius

“If you’re a backpacker at heart, if you like adventures, but you don’t want to lose the opportunity to relax and live in paradise; Mauritius is where you have to come.”

 – Davide, Tell Me Travels

The ethos behind Luxury backpack is finding a slice of luxury for less, and backpacking in style and comfort through being savvy, rather than from actually spending more.
There are many destinations in the world that I recommend for this very thing, and then some I would steer clear of if you are looking to budget travel. Mauritius, an island off the coast off Africa was one of the latter. There wasn’t such a thing as budget trips to Mauritius, with packages, flights, and accommodation aimed at a more luxury holiday market (honeymooners, 5* resorts). Travellers with money in their pockets always got to keep this wonderful island for themselves.

But there is so much to see and do on this paradise island,  it really is the perfect destination for backpackers, if only there was such a thing as budget trips to Mauritius…

Tell Me Travels have crafted a luxury ‘gap year’ package offering people of 18-35 a way of exploring a paradise island and having the experience of a lifetime for very competitive rates. For those who are looking for their next adventure this could well be it!

budget trips to Mauritius

budget trips to Mauritius

Davide, one of the co-creators of this unique experience, explains how he opened this Island to a new wave of tourism: namely backpackers and young travellers, and is able to offer budget trips to Mauritius which include accommodation, advice & support, and a whole host of activities for one very reasonable price.

Tell me about Tell Me Travels and how it all started…

“Tell Me Travels started unofficially in 2014 when three of us went out to Mauritius as part of a volunteering project with our respective universities. We saw that as tourists we were getting charged a lot more for tours and trips, and because Mauritius has primarily been for people with money, they thought we were the same! This didn’t sit well with us and we didn’t feel that everyone should be priced out of seeing and experiencing this beautiful island. So we became close with a few local contacts and started running our own trips for a fairer price. By doing this we absolutely fell in love with the country and it left a lasting impression on each and every one of us.

Now, we want to recreate the same incredible experience and show people a place that they may have never considered. We want them to discover not only paradise, but themselves”

Who is your package catered towards?

“Our package is for anyone looking for adventure, culture and excitement in a completely unique place. We pride ourselves on being open to anyone with an open mind and for anyone who is looking for a good mix of the best the island has to offer and independent exploration.”

What makes Mauritius a luxury backpacking destination?

“Mauritius has so much to offer!

Local tour operators and travel agencies are eager to sell their tours, but not always at the greatest prices. Until now! We’ve been lucky to work with some of the best tour operators who want to see people come back to Mauritius for even more incredible experiences.”

budget trips to Mauritius

Tell Me Travels


How immersive is the package you offer?

“As soon as your feet touch the ground in Mauritius we’ll be there to look after you and completely immerse you in all things Mauritius! There is so much to see and do, and our itinerary is carefully put together to show you the best of the island. The best part? If you’d prefer to take a day off to explore the island solo, we’ll set you up with one of scooter partners so you can explore Mauritius at your own pace!”

Do you offer the packages all year round?

“In terms of Mauritius, we’ll only be operating seasonally – June through September. We think it’s the best time of year to go, as you have the least rainfall, lowest number of mosquitoes and the temperature is a lovely 26 degrees on average. We will however, begin operating Tell Me Travels tours in Kraków, Poland over the winter period starting this year, so if you don’t get the chance to head to Mauritius this year then come join us in Kraków!

We’re hoping to take people all over the world one day, so make sure to keep an eye out for a Tell Me Travels tour near you!”

You offer a standard package and a ‘comfort’ package. What are they key differences?

“Our Explorer Package is targeted more towards the adventurer who is looking for days to go off and travel the island by themselves, go hiking, and become lifelong friends with a roommate in shared accommodation!

Our Comfort Package is targeted more towards the luxury backpacker: we offer private accommodation together with spa treatments at the beginning and end of the experience. It’s a package designed specifically for beach lovers who want to unwind, while keeping the thrill of culturally-immersive experiences.”

budget trips to Mauritius

budget trips to Mauritius

budget trips to Mauritius

What kind of support do you offer during the planning process for first time travellers?

“We offer full support from start to finish. As travellers ourselves, we know that it can be daunting to come to a far off land for the first time! So at any point you can contact us directly, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s choosing the best time to book your flights, or choosing what to pack. No matter how big or small the question is, we’re here to help make you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.”

What makes this such a memorable, once in a lifetime trip?

“The mix of activities we offer, unique trips, fun nights out, craziness, together with incredible guides, being in Mauritius, is something you’ll surely never forget. You’ll also have a lot of time to live the island by yourself and relax on the most beautiful beaches this World has.”

budget trips to Mauritius

If YOU are looking for a travel experience with a difference, and to somewhere which is normally only available to wealthy travellers, then this could well be for you! Read what some of their previous luxury backpackers have said about the experience.

An Exclusive Offer For You

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Happy travels!

Update: Read the new interview all about luxury backpacking packages in Krakow, Poland, here! 

budget trips to Mauritius

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budget trips to Mauritius