Luxury Backpack Guide To Kite Surfing

guide to Kite Surfing

A great way to travel and to meet new people is to have a sport or activity that you can focus your trip around. Kite surfing is just that – an addictive, adrenaline driven sport which many enthusiasts use as the basis for their travels, heading off to the kiting spots around the world, meeting up with fellow kiters, and letting go of their worries as the wind takes hold of them.

What actually is kite surfing?

Kite surfing combines so many aspects of other water sports – surfing, wake-boarding, windsurfing, to name a few. It is a way of riding on top of the water using the power of the wind, harnessed through a kite. Sounds fun, right?

I have tried kitesurfing in Antigua, and I must say it was a lot of fun! (Although I was pretty bad at it, I must admit) You definitely need lessons to start with, but once you have got the hang of it there is no stopping you. I asked kite surfing enthusiast Jeremy Collister for his advice for beginners who want to get into this sport, his pick of the best places around the world to try it out, and of course for his top tips for learning on a tight budget.

Jeremy Collister


How did you get into kite surfing?

I used to windsurf, and always wanted to learn how to kite. It is easier to travel with kite gear than windsurfing equipment, and turns out kiting is even better than expected.

What do you love most about it?

Freedom on the water, adrenaline and the community of fellow kiters.


Where was the last place you kited?

My girlfriend Fanny (also a kite surfer) and I headed to the Florida Keys for a camping trip and found a great secluded spot in the middle keys just off the seven mile bridge. It was a tough spot, but we had it all to ourselves.

That sounds cool, how do you find spots like that?

We just asked in a local kite shop and they told us about it, but you can always check online and see what other kiters have to say about certain places.


Where are your favourite places around the world to kite?

For community of kiters it would be Dakhla, Western Sahara. For kite conditions and waters would have to be New Caledonia.

Are there any retreats or schools that you would recommend heading to for a beginners crash course?

Dakhla has a world class training centre – Dakhla Attitude, that I would highly recommend. I would definitely recommend learning during a week long vacation rather than having lessons months apart.

kite surfing

How many lessons would you suggest beginners take before they head out on their own?

It really depends on the individual – previous wind sports and board sport skills will help, but it can be anywhere from 2-10 hours.

What are the costs of lessons?

Costs of kiteboarding can vary hugely world wide, average of $70 per hour roughly

kite surfing

Do you have any tips for travelling with gear or renting?

Renting can be very expensive, I have paid $120 an hour to rent. My tip for traveling: buy a kite travel bag with ‘golf’ written on it can often result in cheaper baggage costs.

What are your top tips for beginners on a budget?

It tends to be more on the expensive side, so if you want to do it on the cheap you can always keep an eye out for second hand gear – check out

Where are you off to on your next kiting adventure?

My next kiting adventure is to Pemba, Mozambique in 3 weeks with the lovely Fanny!

kite surfing

If you are looking for a high-adrenaline adventure for your next trip, why not try kite surfing? It is a great way to make friends, keep fit, and of course see some of the worlds most beautiful countries. The Dakhla Attitude which Jeremy recommends has camping and lodging from $80 per night. Their website has lots of great information about things to do and see in Dakhla, as well as getting there so head on over and have a look!

DO YOU have any great tips to add to this guide? If so please comment below so that other readers can experience your recommendations.

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